Our Mission.

Everyone should be on the World Wide Web. 1. Everyone should be on the World Wide Web. After all, would it be world wide, if the whole world was not there?
2. We believe that no one should have to go back to school just to use your web pages. Even the most novice of internet users should be able to browse your web pages without getting lost or trapped in a endless cycles of clicks and links.
3. We believe that it should not cost you more to have a web site than to have internet access. If your web site designer takes all of your profits what good is having a web site?
4. Most importantantly, we believe you should have a web site that works as an advantage and benefit for you, your friends, your family, and your customers.

Some have deemed us dreamers, others refer to us as romantics, and still others advocate that we are adventurers. We just think we know something the others have not quite been able to grasp, customer service. Provide a customer with excellent customer service and serve that customer to the best of your ability and you will enjoy a close relationship with a new friend for a long time. We grow together with our customers, building the services as the needs of a customer grow.

Trying to get ahead of your competition is hard, in today's world it is just as difficult to stay even. The way to get ahead is to be as easily accessible as possible. The easiest way to do that is through the internet, the World Wide Web. Instead of paying for copies of pictures for everyone, put it on your web pages. That way Grandma Jones in Milwaukee can get your pictures just as fast as your brother Bill in New York. Place your advertising in a newspaper and you see it for a week. Put your advertising on the web and it can be there forever.

Multi-Media Explosion. Our experienced web site designers are capable of putting together an entire multi-media explosion complete with sounds and graphics that will explode on any internet browser. We can put links into every word, with pictures and images scattered about the page. This would be a virtual gallery of imagery and sound that will completely amaze any viewer lucky enough to come across your web page. Though in most cases, that is not going to gain you a customer. Most viewers won't have the patience to allow your site to download to their computer.

That is why we specialize in the 'Direct Theory' of web page design. The 'Direct Theory' is making pages that are 'direct' to the point and that can easily 'direct' you to other pages when needed. The page your are viewing has captured your attention so far, yet there are no exploding graphics or ringing bells. Any way you want to go, media explosion, a single page of pictures to share with your family, or somewhere in between, our talented designers can help get you published to your customers and to the world.

Please use the menu on the left of the page to explore our little spot on the World Wide Web and see what we can do for you. If you have more questions, please click on the 'Contact' selection on the menu.

Thank you for spending some time on our web site, we really hope you enjoy your visit.

Senior Web Designer