Fan Sites.

Fan sites, or the web sites created by fans, are an enormous part of the internet. These are sites that someone has put together to show off their favorite thing. Star Trek, Star Wars, Disney, The Simpsons, Autos, Boats, Clothing, Movies, Actors, Actresses, really the list goes on and on. There are millions of these web sites across the internet.

This brings up a few challenges that we felt necessary to tackle. How do you get a web site to the top of the search engines against other fan sites? This is especially tough because of another challenge inherent to the fan site genre. Search engines don't like fan sites. What a search engine will do is actually rank a page lower when it mentions something too much.

In other words, say something too much and you are ranked low, say something not enough and you are ranked low. It seems like you can't win!

Well you can, we can. It takes practice and a lot of hard work, but we have been able to get the desired results by walking the line with the search engines.

But you don't have a fan site, so what does that mean to you?

Well, you see, that is where you are wrong. Your web site is similar to a fan site for your product. Just like an amateurís web site touting the glories of the Wookie race, your web site about widgets can get tossed off the search engine results train. That is why we stay on top of the results by constantly testing what works and what doesn't work.

We also use the fan sites to hone our skills on designing a good looking, long lasting web page. Take a look at these fan sites that we are currently using for testing.

This family of web sites is actually just one web site. Different colors and logos are loaded into the page depending on the domain name that is typed into the browser. We can even control the text of the pages dependent on the domain name, page name, time of day, or so many other factors. This means that you never know what will change next. You see the four logos and when you go to the pages you will see four different designs, but there is a slight variation to one of the designs creating a fifth. See if you can find it!
Jeepin' Guy, For a man and his Jeep.
Jeepin' Girl, The home for girls with Jeeps!
Jeep Wave, It's A Jeep Thing!
Jeepin' Wave, Jeepin' and Wavin' online!

Pooh and Disney are extremely popular so using this theme to create a fan site we knew would be tough. Tough just means an opportunity to learn! This site changes its header depending on the time of day. You'll have to come back at different times to see the changes.
Pooh Post Cards, free e-cards all day, free e-cards all night!
Pooh Post Cards, free e-cards all day, free e-cards all night!
Has games and e-cards all with a 100 Acre Wood theme. We use two domain names to track the traffic at this web site.