What do pelcians have to do with marketing?

Great question!
The process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. Let us start with what is marketing. Webster defines marketing as "the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service."

If you are in business today, that is exactly what you are doing. It's how you tell people about what you do. It's how you convince people to buy from you instead of the other guy. It's all the things you do in the office to reduce your costs so that you can give a better price for your customer.

You already are actively engaged in marketing or you have someone that is doing it for you. There is someone, or a team of people, which knows about your products and your line of business. You have someone in control of all the pieces of your marketing.

The sad reality is that most businesses don't even know they are practicing marketing. Every day, everything you do is directly related to how customers perceive your business. All parts of your business should be sending out the same message. Everything from your print advertising to your television commercials should be congruent. Radio spots, flyers, billboards, web site, employees; are they all giving out the same message? Are they bringing in the customers that you want?

We help you merge your presentations to customers in order to make sure the same message is going out to all of them. The message that you want going out. Sometimes it is as simple as revamping flyers that you have been handing out for ten years. Maybe it is the banner on the front of your store that has your old logo on it. We center your customer's experience on your web site.A television advertising that purposely looks like it was filmed in the 70's is a good thing. One actually shot in the 70's is not. These things can send a negative image to your customers and actually keep them away.

This is the marketing we help with. We bring your pieces together into one larger picture. We center your customer's experience on your web site. The reason we do that is two-fold. First is because that is the number one way your customers are going to find you. It is the first place they look to get information about you and your business. Secondly, is because this is the hardest piece of your image to manage. Controlling the message to go across the internet and be presented to your customers can be difficult. But we practice it every day to make sure that we can get it right for you.

What we do is bring your customers to you. We make it easy for the customers that want to find the products or services that you have, to find you and your business.

So what do pelicans have to do with marketing? Nothing really, we just like pelicans.