Often two, three, or more computers are needed just to accommodate daily needs. One computer with a wired connection to the internet has become a thing of the past. For most families and small businesses two, three, or more computers are needed just to accommodate daily needs. Add to that your printer, gaming systems, TV's, Blu-Ray players, Cell Phones, iPads, and other devices that connect to the internet wirelessly. The easy way to eliminate the problem is with a wireless router.

Who will provide the high speed internet access service? Who will set up the network for your computers and other devices? This is where we can help.

Your first problem is to find a provider in your area that meets your needs. We have already done the research and have a list of the advantages of each of the providers in your area. The provider that is chosen will also be a determining factor in the type of network that will be installed. These choices will be laid out for you in an easy to understand comparison so that a well informed decision can be made.

The second problem is setting up the network. Using a combination of the desires of your personal network and the needs of the high speed provider, a unique network will be laid out to accommodate your unique situation. Once the plans for the network installation have been approved, a qualified technician will install and test your new network.

If you have more questions or want to schedule a technician to install a network, please click on the 'Contact' selection on the menu.