Web Hosting.

Get a web hosting package that fits your web site and your budget. Finding the right host is difficult. With so many providers available, how do you choose the right one? Two of the major factors in deciding on a web host should be service and price. In the end they all provide the same thing, a space to host your web site, so what you are really paying for is service. Just because a provider has the highest price, does not mean they have the highest quality of service. The opposite is just as true. A lower priced provider does not mean the service they provide will be of low quality. Make sure that the web host you choose provides all the services you need for your web site to work properly. It is always a good idea to have your web designer help in the choosing of a host for your web site. Using the combination of pricing and services will be a good guage to pick your web hosting provider.

We have put together a web hosting package that works well for all the web sites that we design. This package will also work exceptionally well with web sites designed by other designers. Of course we understand that not all web sites are the same and if the package we have does not fit your needs, we can design a custom package to fit your needs.

The package that we use for web sites we design is our Silver Linux Web Hosting:
Setup Fee Free    
Disk Storage Space 1GB    
Monthly Data Transfer 100GB   Only
Pop3 E-mail Accounts Unlimited   $140.00
FTP Accounts Unlimited   Per Year
MySQL Databases Unlimited    
Mailing Lists Unlimited    

All of these add ons are free with any web hosting package that we have:

CORE Client Portal FTP Accounts Hotlink protection POP3/IMAP/SMTP
phpMyAdmin MySQL Databases Anonymous FTP Webmail
Site Builder CGI URL Redirect Webalizer
Backups PHP5 File Manager Mailing Lists
No Contract Perl GD2 Raw Log Manager
Free Setup Python Shared SSL Spam Assasin
Imagemagick Cron AWStats Sub Domains
Private SSL allowed Catchalls/Email Alias cPanel Control Panel Dedicated IP allowed
Addon / Parked Domains Referrer Logs, Error Logs Fantastico Script Autoinstaller Password Protect directories
Auto Responders/Mail Forwarding osCommerce, ZenCart Cube Cart Instant blog, forums, portals phpnuke, guestbook, formmail